"I created Things to Love Right Now because I couldn't find a style blog that showed me actual (real people) style, supported the notion that I'm unique and should express that originality, took great photos of people and shared trends...as well as made me laugh."

"So, darn it, I decided to create it myself. " - Jenna

From inspired beginnings, TTLRN has blossomed into an online magazine with over 160,000 followers per month* from around the world - sharing the one-of-a-king lifestyle filled with beautiful things to love right now.

TTLRN's boutique of treasures Jenna's has literally travelled around the globe to fill her loft with only special, gorgeous and unique pieces. Think angora, damask, Venetian beads, crepe do chine, gold, vintage trousseaus filled with jewelry, scarves and gifts from the heart.

* As of July 2010, TTLRN has grown to over 160,000 hits (visits) per month with an average visit time of 2 minutes, 45 seconds per visit.



Welcome to Things to Love Right Now. My name is Jenna DeAngeles, and this is my story: 

Fashion, art, and design, has been in my family for generations. My grandfather, who owned a chain of fine men's clothing stores in the San Francisco area, started out in the stock room and worked his way up to finally buying the business. In 1941, he was voted Best Dressed Man and even judged the Miss America pageant. My father worked in the apparel business his entire career and I remember helping him unpack huge boxes of jeans in preparation to opening his first denim store; I was about ten years old and would spend hours drawing and designing dresses, shoes and wedding gowns when I wasn't hanging up Fiorucci jeans. My mother is a talented artist and taught me how to use a sewing machine by the time I was eight years old. I remember sewing right through my index finger with that sturdy Singer machine. Nice. My grandmother was a clothes horse and taught me the finer points of St. John Knits, Coach bags and Ferragamo shoes at a very young age. Like most girls, I loved dressing up, stealing my mom's stilettos and wearing her long, white, opera gloves. My nickname was, appropriately, Glamourpuss. I suppose you could say fashion is in my genes.




I have a varied past: I've designed swimwear fabrics for manufacturers, I designed all the pillow, bed and bath collections for Christian Audigier's Ed Hardy brand and designed a full line of purses and totes for MaggieB. I've written and photographed crafting books, written and illustrated two gift books and five children's books. My designs have sold in Target, Bloomingdale's and high end gift stores around the world. I've handpainted silk scarves for boutiques in Paris and the Middle East. My fine art is sold in the Judith Kaufman Gallery in North Hollywood, Ca., and my paintings hang in homes and restaurants from Beverly Hills to Kuwait. In short, I've designed pretty much everything from kitchen clocks to sandals, huge canvasses to clothing. (And I've loved every bit of it!)

Today, I design TTLRN on two simultaneously running computers, shoot models and cool stuff with some big cameras lenses and devote my time to the online magazine - making sure the photos are perfect, the layouts are interesting and that the content is original.





Please share your thoughts with me, drop me an email, and I hope you continue to visit, share TTRLN with your friends and browse our boutique.


-Jenna DeAngeles, Editor-in-Chief

Jenna's email address is: jenna(at)ttlrn.com