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Things to Love Right Now cares about your privacy.

TTLRN is strictly editorial. There is no pay for play.

We never ever sell, give, distribute or share your information, email address or anything else related to our precious readers.

That pretty much covers it, yes?

From inspired beginnings, TTLRN has blossomed into an online magazine with over 26,000 followers from around the world - sharing the one-of-a-king lifestyle filled with beautiful things to love right now.

We are based in Los Angeles, CA 90049. Email: jenna(at) Email us for mailing address and phone numbers.

Please read more about our privacy and editorial policy, just so we make ourselves abundantly clear:



Editorial & Privacy POLICY:

TTLRN items are selected by our editors. No one can pay to be featured on TTLRN: That's what advertising is for, and it's always labeled as "Sponsored."

Selling ourselves (literally) would ruin the legitimacy, integrity, and originality of TTLRN.

So here's our policy: We'll never make a dime off our articles or a penny from the sale of the latest accessory we told you about. Now, we do sell treasures in our boutique - that's what powers TTLRN. We make a little profit there, but we know that everything we sell is worth it! We promise!

That said, on occasion, we might send out Sponsored E-mails on behalf of supporters. You'll recognize them from the subject line: Sponsored Things To Love Right Now. Yes, these are paid for. And no, we would never sell our subscriber list to anyone ever. Not for any amount of money.

We hope that you continue to enjoy TTLRN. We look forward to sharing with you a unique, original and stylish life.




Contact Info:

TTLRN is based in Brentwood, CA., between Bel-Air and the beach. Ahhhhh...


Email: Editor(at)

Please email us with any questions you might have or for mailing addresses, etc.